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Recovery becomes a reality when individuals can connect to a spiritual path that allows them to travel through life as a journey with love rather than one filled with fear, regret and relapse. My philosophy weaves together core principles of Shamanism, Twelve Step Recovery, and The Grief Recovery Method®, to lead clients on a process of self-discovery and heal from unresolved grief and loss.


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Praise for The Journey With Love

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The Awakening Moon

  • Posted by noerena
  • On January 12, 2017
The first full moon of 2017 is a moon of many names, but I have one more to add to the list.  Some call it “The Cold Moon,” “The Wolf Moon” or “The Hunger Moon.” I call it “The Awakening Moon.” It seems that many in this country are suddenly waking up to all that […]
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Super Reflection

  • Posted by noerena
  • On November 14, 2016
Today’s super moon is offering the opportunity for great reflection as she moves in close to the earth. The sky is trying to get our attention: there was a super moon on October 16th, now November 14th, and one coming up on December 14th. Three in a row…the universe is providing a clue. It is […]
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Reframing Fireworks for Healing

  • Posted by noerena
  • On July 5, 2016
As another Star-Spangled Banner weekend closes, the loud noises and skies filled with amazing combinations of colors and shapes should be coming to an end. But it is past midnight in Santa Monica on what is now the 5th of July and I can still hear cadences of firecracker-like-sounds. At this stage in my life […]
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Summer Solstice and a Full Moon

  • Posted by noerena
  • On June 20, 2016
Summer Solstice and a Full Moon = a Bright Time to Pause and Reflect June 20, 2016 is our Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and as a special gift this year there will be a full Moon. This doesn’t happen very often, so Monday evening we get to see the moon shining all […]
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