The Awakening Moon

  • Noerena
  • January 12, 2017

The first full moon of 2017 is a moon of many names. It is known as the cold moon, the wolf moon or the hunger moon, but I have one more name to add to the list. I name it, “The Awakening Moon.”

It seems that many in this country are suddenly seeing all that has been hidden or swept under the rug, or spoken of in soft voices in dark rooms filled with fear and greed from the very beginning of our country. Those who long ago took what was not theirs and were called “the founding fathers of a nation.”  It’s not just here… it’s not just now. Money and power for a select few has been the driving force of humanity’s least admirable qualities across the centuries and continents alike.

For me, this new year’s first full moon is offering an awakening and putting light on our collective opportunity to teach our children through our positive action about what is our higher calling as citizens of the planet earth.

I pray that each ray of light of this moon howls like the wolf and we take notice that now is the time to put promises aside and step into action to protect those who may not be able to fend for themselves, and to speak up when nasty hateful things are done or said.

I pray that as an elder I can shed light upon possibilities and encourage kindness, compassion as we each think globally and act locally to help love and hope and positive action come out of the darkness that we suddenly can see.

Shine on you hunger moon, be cold as you need to be to teach us to warm up our hearts and encourage us to continue to be the positive change we want to see.

Thank you for your light. Thank you for your centuries of light. I pray that enough of us can see so that healing can begin and this dark time becomes the source of great love, light and laughter for all.

Super Reflection

  • Noerena
  • November 14, 2016

Today’s super moon is offering the opportunity for great reflection as she moves in close to the earth. The sky is trying to get our attention: there was a super moon on October 16th, now November 14th, and one coming up on December 14th. Three in a row…the universe is providing a clue. It is time for deep reflection combined with positive action. Tonight’s super moon is the closest to the earth of the three, and the next time it will be this close is in November of 2034. What a wonderful way to end a rough year.

I was not shocked with the election results. Disappointed, yes. But like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock said in the very insightful election night skit on Saturday Night Live, I have lived in and seen the consequences of America’s disproportioned resources most of my adult life. These United States have always supported different rules for different folks – it is part of the very fabric of this country.

If I’m still alive, I will be 87 years old when the next super moon comes this close to the earth. Children of all races and in all counties born today will be 18 years old. The decisions we make, the words we let people say about people with different religions or ethnic backgrounds or body shapes – these choices will have help shape the world in 2034.

I want to be one of the ancestors who worked harder than ever from this moment forward to continue to move through my life with radical compassionate action for all as my motto. I will be searching through the moonlight for opportunities to support positive people who are willing to step into the solution rather than the problem. I suspect if you are still reading this you are probably already one of those people.

The moon and the stars and even our planet are not going anywhere. The universe has patience – there have been storms and dark days centuries and millions of years before Donald or Hillary or any of us were on the planet. Climate change is real and so is the opportunity to change and re-direct the social and political climate in America.

As we work here on the ground let’s continue to find the courage to change the things we can and not waste time worrying about what we cannot change. That’s where the wisdom of the moon can be most helpful coaxing us to look up, not down.

I pray tonight’s moonlight will shine gentle strength upon all, bringing wisdom and support to each of us to use our voices to stand up for the rights of one another as fellow Americans and fellow earth dwellers.

Shine on Super Moon, Shine on!

Reframing Fireworks for Healing

  • Noerena
  • July 5, 2016

As another Star-Spangled Banner weekend closes, it is now the 5th of July and I can still hear cadences of firecracker-like-sounds. At this stage in my life I am well aware that I have lots of opinions about things I cannot change.

What helps me stay calm is the powerful tool of the re-frame. Looking at things from a new perspective (the re-frame) comes in handy to calm me down and stop any free-fall into the rabbit hole of self-pity and discomfort about the fact that I am not in charge – of anything really, other than my reactions to things.

I can’t stop fireworks from happening, even though I think it a real waste of public money and has lost any authentic celebratory feeling (for me).

I am reminded how I used to love fireworks as a kid.

I have some memory of Jiminy Cricket and the Disney castle fireworks as hopeful and comforting.  But the experience has changed for me. Now the loud, jolting, boom, bang, and rapid machine-gun-like sounds no longer give me a sense of wonder. I don’t think I will ever get the images from the “shock and awe” of our attack on Iraq. Those images looked and sounded too much to me to be fireworks. They were presented on the news as something to celebrate. Those bombs bursting in air did tremendous damage on land to life and property. I can’t change that, and I yet it seems impossible to be removed from the invasion of fireworks.

Each year I have more success in re-framing the experience. When I hear the sound or catch a glimpse of a distant burst of color high in the sky I declare them to be healing events. As each flare produced by potassium, copper, cobalt, and lithium atoms ignites I attach a prayer with the request that the sounds and the bursts of are all intended to improve our conscious contact with a higher power. That somehow we will be drawn to new positive possibilities for human-kind.

As each cylinder filled with the chemicals necessary to create the burst of colors heads toward the sky I attach this focus a clear request to some higher universal power greater than me. I pray that sanity, tolerance, and peaceful compassion rain down upon all of us as the light cascades toward earth.  I ask that the smoke that lingers provide reflection. I ask that the blasts of gunpowder and combustibles get our attention and awaken us as a country that there is much healing that needs to be done right here at home so that freedom and shelter and education and civil rights are available for every citizen.

Life feels good and I get a sobering feeling of joy when I can find beauty in things even when I don’t like them, or I don’t want them to be happening. Of course I’d rather have the money spent on fireworks go to re-ignite abstract thinking in our schools so kids learn there is more than one answer to any one question and that hate is too easy and tolerance critical for true peace to exist for any of us. I want that but I am not in charge of anything except my reaction.

I have committed myself to acceptance that there will continue to be times when there are fireworks more than once a year. But today, being the spiritual warrior that I strive to be,  I do not put the pillow over my head wishing it would all just stop.  Now each time they happen I will continue to send my prayers up as I look forward to positive change on the planet as peaceful possibilities come to us as the light heads toward earth.

I hope your Fourth of July was filled with love, light, laughter and healing.  Dr. Noe