Summer Solstice and a Full Moon

Summer Solstice and a Full Moon

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  • On June 20, 2016
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Summer Solstice and a Full Moon = a Bright Time to Pause and Reflect

June 20, 2016 is our Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and as a special gift this year there will be a full Moon. This doesn’t happen very often, so Monday evening we get to see the moon shining all of her light as the sun sits in the most northern position as seen from Earth. As it stands still above the Tropic of Cancer latitude, it’s as if the Sun is taking a deep breath before he reverses direction and heads south for his long six-month journey toward the Tropic of Capricorn. The magical night-glow of our moon offers the chance for us to use the wisdom of the moon’s reflective light to greet this midsummer time. Pause and reflect are the words that come to mind — pause when agitated and allow the knowledge that comes from being still and listening to guide my inner compass.

These earthly non-human-made events remind me that I am not in control and also that I am part of a much bigger experience than my personal journey. It is a great time to feel connected to a calling — as I am in the last of my calendar years with the sixties I am reminded of the other ‘sixties’ I shared with my bra-burning-stop-the-war fellow baby-boomers. At 69 years, addiction is still a huge part of my back-story, as is grief and loss. But as an elder I am teaching what I have learned: staying sober is possible no matter what happens. I am not in charge. My higher power is nature and all the magnificence of Mother Earth. When the sun stops and the moon is full, how can I not pay attention to a power greater than me?

I am now working to help those in recovery from addiction find or support their personal higher power through meditation and paying attention to nature. It seems acceptance of the unacceptable can make living with grief and loss manageable. Understanding change and recovery from loss as a natural and ever-present part of life can help reduce the need to numb our feelings with mind-altering substances.

I wish all of us the ability to connect with the power of the sun and the gentle wisdom of moonlight as we balance our mission here on our earth-path. Simple goals like living sober in thought and action; being of service to others, doing no harm and showing compassion to ourselves can seem overwhelming if we are doing it by ourselves. Celebrating the gifts of sunlight, moon-glow, the wind, the rain, the sky, the oceans and the opportunity to live on this magnificent planet (upon whose back we ride) assures us that sobriety is never boring.

It is my wish that this Summer Solstice and Full Moon bring rays of love, light and laughter into your hearts.

Happy summer,

Dr. Noe




Kalila Borghini
Beautifully stated. An important reminder/lesson for all of us. Thank you.
michael lockitch
That's a YES, NOE! thanks!!

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