"Dr. Noe's advice and encouragement really helped me feel more confident and skilled in group facilitation, and her tips and tools have helped me every time I create and run a group.  My clients are now much more engaged in my groups, and it has propelled me to grow as a clinician and facilitator. Noerena really took the time to help me understand group concepts, to think in new ways, and pushed me to think outside the box. I would recommend Noerena’s wealth of knowledge to anyone hoping to grow in their career.”

Lindy Ariff, MSW,
Social Work Group Practitioner

"Because of all of the work I have done with Noerena, I feel like the healing potential I once rejected because of fear has now emerged. My new state of grace and acceptance has unlocked my potential to be of better service to both myself and others. I am experiencing a spiritual awakening that has been dormant for so long. You have helped me tremendously, and for that I am eternally grateful."

Former Client

"Before coming to Noerena's groups, I did not recognize just how important grief and loss is in healing the wounds of the past. These groups have also opened my eyes to various spiritual practices that have become an integral part of my own recovery program. The holistic approach of integrating 12 Steps, grief/loss and spirituality has helped both my personal and professional approach to recovery and it has shown me various tools that can help promote a fulfilling way of living in support of recovery."

Former Client

Just short of a miracle, Dr. Noerena, with her emphatic abilities and energy has helped me uncover and cope with the grief and loss in my life that had brought me to my knees.  I love you Dr. Noe.

Former Client

“Noerena has given me a way of dealing with the inevitable grief and loss in my life. Before getting sober, I pushed these feelings down and was unable to face the pain. In Noerena’s grief and loss group I was not only able to process the emotions I have surpassed, I was taught another way of looking at grief and loss. This was vital to my recovery because a lot of my struggles stemmed from grief and loss. I learned that grief and loss are a part of life, that it is something I had to come to peace with. Everything is temporary, but that is what makes everything so precious.”

Former Client

"Noerena's group sessions allow us to talk about pain and loss in an open yet comfortable group setting. Noerena allows everyone to talk about grief and loss and let out a lot of things that are normally held in. This group provides a healthy alternative to coping with grief and loss without the substance factor."

Former Client

"Coming to terms with my emotions, good or bad, has always been an issue for me. Spending two years in Noerena's group sessions has allowed me to accept and process my emotions. It has given me confidence to be humble and I have finally allowed my mind to relax. I cherish my ability to speak honestly about my feelings."

Former Client