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The Journey With Love Continuing Education

CAADE Provider #CP20 858 C 0721

CCAPP Provider #2C-18-284-0220

Creating a system of healing around grief and loss for people in recovery and people working in the substance abuse industry.

The effectiveness of a relapse prevention program lies in great part with the clients’ willingness to explore new solutions to old patterns of destruction and abuse. A challenge for group facilitation in treatment and recovery centers is to assist clients in discovering new ways to look at how grief and spiritual bankruptcy have fueled triggers that can be traced back to relapse.

This training will examine the roles that unresolved grief and spiritual bankruptcy play in the process of substance abuse addiction and relapse prevention. Participants will learn relapse prevention approaches so they can introduce their clients to innovative healing strategies that are capable of interrupting old addictive patterns.

Learning Objectives of this Training

  • Understand the role of unresolved grief and spiritual bankruptcy in relapse prevention.
  • Understand the value in having a recognizable and consistent set of spiritual beliefs and practices that support the acceptance of sudden loss or unwanted change
  • Assist clients in identifying and using new strategies to interrupt old addictive patterns when facing triggers
  • Identify user-friendly concepts that can be integrated into a client’s individual after care plan to support long-term sobriety.

This workshop can be tailored to meet 3-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour or weekend immersion formats.

For information on how to bring this training to your facility or organization, contact marissa@thejourneywithlove.com