Super Reflection

  • Noerena
  • November 14, 2016

Today’s super moon is offering the opportunity for great reflection as she moves in close to the earth. The sky is trying to get our attention: there was a super moon on October 16th, now November 14th, and one coming up on December 14th. Three in a row…the universe is providing a clue. It is time for deep reflection combined with positive action. Tonight’s super moon is the closest to the earth of the three, and the next time it will be this close is in November of 2034. What a wonderful way to end a rough year.

I was not shocked with the election results. Disappointed, yes. But like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock said in the very insightful election night skit on Saturday Night Live, I have lived in and seen the consequences of America’s disproportioned resources most of my adult life. These United States have always supported different rules for different folks – it is part of the very fabric of this country.

If I’m still alive, I will be 87 years old when the next super moon comes this close to the earth. Children of all races and in all counties born today will be 18 years old. The decisions we make, the words we let people say about people with different religions or ethnic backgrounds or body shapes – these choices will have help shape the world in 2034.

I want to be one of the ancestors who worked harder than ever from this moment forward to continue to move through my life with radical compassionate action for all as my motto. I will be searching through the moonlight for opportunities to support positive people who are willing to step into the solution rather than the problem. I suspect if you are still reading this you are probably already one of those people.

The moon and the stars and even our planet are not going anywhere. The universe has patience – there have been storms and dark days centuries and millions of years before Donald or Hillary or any of us were on the planet. Climate change is real and so is the opportunity to change and re-direct the social and political climate in America.

As we work here on the ground let’s continue to find the courage to change the things we can and not waste time worrying about what we cannot change. That’s where the wisdom of the moon can be most helpful coaxing us to look up, not down.

I pray tonight’s moonlight will shine gentle strength upon all, bringing wisdom and support to each of us to use our voices to stand up for the rights of one another as fellow Americans and fellow earth dwellers.

Shine on Super Moon, Shine on!