The Awakening Moon

  • Noerena
  • January 12, 2017

The first full moon of 2017 is a moon of many names. It is known as the cold moon, the wolf moon or the hunger moon, but I have one more name to add to the list. I name it, “The Awakening Moon.”

It seems that many in this country are suddenly seeing all that has been hidden or swept under the rug, or spoken of in soft voices in dark rooms filled with fear and greed from the very beginning of our country. Those who long ago took what was not theirs and were called “the founding fathers of a nation.”  It’s not just here… it’s not just now. Money and power for a select few has been the driving force of humanity’s least admirable qualities across the centuries and continents alike.

For me, this new year’s first full moon is offering an awakening and putting light on our collective opportunity to teach our children through our positive action about what is our higher calling as citizens of the planet earth.

I pray that each ray of light of this moon howls like the wolf and we take notice that now is the time to put promises aside and step into action to protect those who may not be able to fend for themselves, and to speak up when nasty hateful things are done or said.

I pray that as an elder I can shed light upon possibilities and encourage kindness, compassion as we each think globally and act locally to help love and hope and positive action come out of the darkness that we suddenly can see.

Shine on you hunger moon, be cold as you need to be to teach us to warm up our hearts and encourage us to continue to be the positive change we want to see.

Thank you for your light. Thank you for your centuries of light. I pray that enough of us can see so that healing can begin and this dark time becomes the source of great love, light and laughter for all.