Tonight’s Blue Moon Is A Power Greater Than Myself

  • Noerena
  • January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018, is the second full moon of the month.

The graceful glow of any full moon offers a “hit” of divine  inspiration. But tonight there will be a double punch of spirituality because La Luna is doubling her impact by combining her “Blue Moon” status with playing host to a lunar eclipse.

The phrase “Blue Moon” representing the second full moon in a calendar month took hold around 1945.A lunar eclipse is when the moon moves between the sun and the earth.This evening I am planning on experiencing the beauty and higher power of a God of my understanding double-time as I witness the January Blue Moon and the accompanying lunar eclipse.

The cycles of the moon have become a source of spiritual connection for me, even when events of the world and personal challenges can be overwhelming.

When I say God, I am referring in shorthand to the the power of the universe. For me the magic of sunsets, and the change of seasons are a tangible and mystical representation of a force greater than me. 

Even during her ever-changing cycles the very existence of the moon offers proof-positive that there is a power greater than me that I can count on.

I ease my discomfort with life by turning to nature many times throughout the day, listening and looking for signs of hope, wisdom and inspiration that lead me to a place of acceptance of the things I cannot change.

Tonight as my eyes are drawn upward I will be aware that I am being  gifted a chance to reflect on the moon’s constant commitment to change. I have yet to find a more gentle and brilliant  teacher . The very existence of the earth’s moon offers me a loving reminder that change is forever our consistent companion and that light follows dark, and dark follows light.

The lunar eclipse event teaches that interference and intersection of the moon and the sun creates a deeper dance offering concrete evidence that even moonlight is not free from imposition.

I cannot make a cloud move faster, and I cannot change a half moon into a full moon.  But I can realize that the very same full moon that will be is in full reflection on January 31st shed light on the earth when my great, great, great, great grandparents  looked to the sky at night.

This human walk is worth some heavy reflection.  Stay Sober and Stay Strong, as we all experience life as a Journey With Love

Dr. Noe