About Dr. Noe

Dr. Noerena Abookire is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, an Ordained Shamanic Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth Church, and holds a Ph.D. from New York University. She earned the nickname “Dr. Noe” during her time as an on air radio host for the women’s collective WPFW 89.3fm in Washington DC. Dr. Noe has over thirty years of experience developing award-winning curricula. She was a trainer of trainers for Maryland’s Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention and has been a consultant for the United States Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.

Dr. Noe created her company The Journey With Love® to help clients in recovery discover a spiritual connection that supports positive action during times of crisis. Her philosophy offers healthy alternatives to addictive or self-destructive behaviors that can be triggered when facing death or loss. Through educational trainings, spiritual and professional development strategies, Dr. Noe’s unique approach to personal empowerment has been identified as a positive tool for relapse prevention by her clients.

``If we remain faithful to the journey rather than the destination, we can journey with love instead of fear.`` - Dr. Noe

My Story

I was eight years sober when my husband Ray told me he had been given a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer. It was his disease but when I heard those words it seemed like my life was going to end. It was like the ground had opened up and I was in a free-fall. Being face-to-face with the biggest loss and grief that I had ever experienced, I was scared, angry, and sad. There was a moment when in a panic I actually thought drinking would be a good idea.

However, because of the emotional and spiritual safety net of support I had built in my life, I was able to avoid a drink and all the negative consequences of walking down that path. I was able to walk side by side with the love of my life as he traveled from diagnosis to death with dignity and grace, turning our story into a journey with love.

Blue Light Grounding Spray

Dr. Noe’s Serene Grounding aromatherapy spray is a transformative tool to promote a non-drug-induced state of bliss.

Made from an inspired mixture of the finest quality 100% pure essential oils, this aromatic blend of essential oils is personally blessed by Dr. Noe with a healing intention to ground and center your energy. This vibrationally charged mist also contains rose quartz, a crystal used for love and healing.

Dr. Noe recommends using this aromatic spray along with the Blue Light Grounding exercise to support a meditative state. Breathe in the healing scent of Serene Grounding Spray as you breathe out stress and release tension.


Say YES to recovery with Dr. Noe


``What I know is there is never too much love, laughter or light in the world. So, let's all continue to do our part.`` - Dr. Noe